Membership of the Institution consists of Ordinary Members, Life Members, Associate Members and Student Members.

Ordinary Members shall have a substantial connection with Hong Kong, and usually possess a doctorate degree in a scientific discipline (other than an honorary doctorate) from an accredited institution, or have contributed to the furtherance of scientific knowledge by publication in learned journals, inventions or patents.

Life Members shall be Ordinary Members of the Institution and who have paid fees determined by Members in a General Meeting.

Adjustment of Subscription and Fees

At the Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2013, the Meeting decided to adjust the subscription and fees of the Institution as follows:

1. Annual subscription of Ordinary Members is HK$300, or subscription prepayment of HK$1600 for six years;
2. Annual subscription of Associate Members is HK$300;
3. Annual subscription of Student Members is HK$50;
4. One-off fees payment of Life Members is HK$2600.

How to apply for Ordinary Membership

Application for membership should be submitted using the following application form, duly nominated by two Ordinary Members of HKIS. The application form together with a crossed cheque of the respective subscription or payment payable to "Hong Kong Institution of Science Ltd." should be sent to the Hon. Secretary (Dr. K.S. Leung at Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom, Kowloon). The nomination will then be considered by the HKIS Council.

[If the application for membership is rejected by the Council, the cheque will be returned to the applicant.]
Download Application Form